About Us

AboutCritical Hit is an alternative online art and apparel company founded by artist Skinner! Known for his psychedelic nightmare paintings, epic murals, legendary customs and overall heavy metal attitude, Skinner created Critical Hit based on the same subversive principles and one-of-a-kind creations he is known for. Realizing that his art is better kept in the hands of people who appreciate it on an everyday basis, Skinner has applied his strange visions and humor to an affordable media where fans of his work can find giclee and silkscreen prints, his hardback book Every Man Is My Enemy, t-shirts featuring his one of a kind designs, custom toys and figures, patches, buttons, zines and more! Located in Oakland California, Critical Hit was established in the fall of 2012. The Critical Hit family is vast, but it's day-to-day collaborators are artist Skinner, his partner Kristie and graphic design guru Hal Rotter